With people sheltering in place and time to kill, many have taken to building their own garden or revamping their current ones. This requires not just gardening tools but also other decorations like outdoor furniture.

Luckily, there are lots of thrift store finds just like these, eliminating the need to break your budget to make your garden look beautiful.

Read more here: https://havenhousethriftstores.com/revamp-your-garden-using-thrift-store-finds

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Many have turned to DIY craft projects to pass the time. Apart from the usual craft supplies you can buy from any assortment of bookstores crafting stores, super centers, and more, there are other interesting finds for your DIY project in thrift stores.

These are cheaper, but they can also add a unique twist to your designs.

Read more here: https://havenhousethriftstores.com/9-thrift-store-diy-craft-supplies-you-should-never-pass-up

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The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to practice minimum health standards and safety precautions in open establishments.

Thrift stores are no exception to this, and they have implemented several measures to keep customers safe, including stepping up their cleaning and disinfection routines.

Customers, on the other hand, must also help in preventing the spread of the deadly disease by practicing physical distancing, wearing masks, and wearing gloves when they go thrift store shopping.

Read more here: https://havenhousethriftstores.com/thrift-store-shopping-during-coronavirus-tips-and-precautions/

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The current COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the lives of most people around the world. For several months, most countries have imposed restrictions on their citizens to limit movement and travel, as a preventative measure, to stop the further spread of the virus which has infected millions worldwide. People…

Blazers can never go wrong in turning a simple outfit into a powerful one. Whether you’re going to office meetings, parties, or casual dates, blazers are always a great choice. This wardrobe essential can easily help you dress up because of its sleek and effortless look. While often expensive…

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